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    Projects Education

    Northampton Primary Schools

    Modular design offers efficient and high quality primary schools in Northampton.

    Originally commissioned to deliver six primary schools across Northampton, we were delighted to continue our collaboration with the Northampton Schools Partnership to create a further eleven schools for the region.

    Central to the success of this ambitious partnership is our commitment to increasing building efficiency across this considerable scheme.

    Using a standardised design approach we are able to deliver standalone school blocks with a consistent design template. Considerate design ensures each block can be reconfigured to meet an individual school needs and site requirements. Special consideration is given to the coordination of works to ensure minimal levels of disruption to staff and pupils.

    Our approach to procurement is unique. A modified design and build contract ensures value for money and cost efficiencies are achieved without sacrificing a high quality end product, architecturally and including finishes, fixtures and equipment.