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    Bartlett School of Architecture Summer Show

    ‘Taking time’ Design Realisation Project at the Bartlett Summer Show.

    Architecture Initiative are delighted to announce details of Architectural Assistant, Malina Dabrowska’s Masters group project which goes on display from Friday 24th June 2016.

    Working together as Unit17, the group project comprises all seven 4th year students developing a practical design project from conception through to completion.

    The “Taking time” design realisation project is manifested in the ‘Ghost Chapel’, inspired by St MacDara’s Oratory in Connemara, Western Ireland.

    The 6th century island chapel is a shrine to St MacDara, patron saint of sailors to which locals make pilgrimage for a Mass on 17th July each year. In recent years weather conditions have prevented the sea crossing; thus the project sought to enable this time- honoured tradition to continue by creating an  alternative mainland structure, reminiscent of the original oratory.

    The creative concept was based around the idea of the forces connecting the granite stones of the chapel, and aimed to reconstruct the weathered mortar joints of the building, creating a fragile structural inverse of the original.

    The intense fabrication process began in January, demanding not only project management, planning submissions, engineering and technical skills but also seeking funding for the £15,000 project. The team showed their resourcefulness to achieve this, by securing not only significant crowd-funding but a number of sponsorships. Pennine Stone in particular made a major contribution, supplying the concrete for the main cast structure.

    The Bartlett School of Architecture, ranked 2nd in the World for Architectural teaching, is renowned for the quality of its academic approach– instilling students with creative, practical and commercial skills.

    Malina has worked at AI since 2014, combining her academic studies with part-time working at the studio. We are delighted to have such an accomplished young Architect in our talented team and wish her the very best for the Show.

    Do visit if you can:

    Bartlett School of Architecture: Summer Show Friday 25th June – Saturday 9th July 2016