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    Looking into the future with VR

    VR dangles in front of our eyes a vision of the media’s future, changes in the ways we communicate, and the way we think about communication. The medium that tantalizes us so has gone by a number of names: computer simulation, artificial reality, virtual environments, augmented reality, cyberspace, and so on. More terms are likely to be invented as the technology’s future unfolds. But the enigmatic term virtual reality has dominated the discourse. It has defined the technology’s future by giving it a goal–the creation of virtual reality. Virtual reality is not a technology; it is a destination. – FRANK BIOCCA, TAEYONG KIM, & MARK R. LEVY, Communication in the Age of Virtual Reality

    We are changing the way you see the site construction by introducing 360 VR view on site. If you aren’t afraid of the future here is a unique 360 render view of the NIA – Northampton International Academy construction.