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    Competition: Soar Island

    New School at the heart of environmental regeneration project

    This unique project sought to regenerate Soar Island environmentally and culturally as a vital bridge link between the two communities either side. At the heart of the proposal, is a new three form entry primary school that will create 720 new primary school places. The school not only provides much needed pupil spaces, but also offers a central community hub and out-of-hours facilities. Nature and environmental learning will be at the core of the school’s curriculum, encouraging knowledge of ecology and biodiversity in an environment which allows daily interaction – a rare opportunity for an inner-city school.

    This extensive regenerative proposal includes new moorings, landscaped walkways and a riverside café for locals and passing boat owners. The state of the art community leisure, sports and hospitality facilities will encourage continued occupation of the island over weekends and school breaks, providing much needed green space in this urban area.

    Key features of the design include a new public square to the east of the island which can host outdoor cinemas, markets, festivals and performances. The environmental aspects of the proposal are made prominent through the installation of a biodiversity chimney, a nesting space for birds, inspects and bat species, forming a landmark queue to the former industrial nature of the site.