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    Projects Residential

    Penwith Road

    Courtyard terrace houses complete the streetscape, and successfully integrate light industrial use with residential units.

    Sandwiched between a light industrial building and a main arterial route, this linear site did not appear at first to offer a huge opportunity for high quality development. However, the unique housing model we have employed delivers innovative family living within these difficult constraints.

    The mixed use proposal provides flexible light-industrial business space together with six residential family units. The existing commercial activity on the site will be replaced by a new on-site facility that is fully integrated within the residential terrace form.

    This design protects the inhabitants from the busy street frontage with a series of inward looking terraced townhouses. Clustered around a central courtyard, we have created dynamic internal and external living spaces ideal for family living.

    Responding directly to its surroundings, this typology sits comfortably within the prevailing streetscape and successfully infills a gap in the existing Penwith Road street frontage. The street elevation is carefully designed to match the height and rhythm of the adjacent properties with stock brick facade in a colour palette selected from the local historic context.